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MASD / Masuda Structural Design Office
First qualified architect office of Tokyo / No.61880

Keigo Masuda / First qualified architect
1982 Born and in Toyama.
founder of MASD, studied at Keio University and Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto University) before graduating as Master of Environmental Design from Keio University in 2006. Before starting his own office he worked at Intenationallies which is the design firm dealing with the product design to architectural design. After he got the qualified as a first-class architect, he worked at as wood structural engineer and worked on more than 100 projects mainly wood structural design. On the side of working in his own office he has been teaching at Aichi Sangyo University.


増田 圭吾/一級建築士(管理建築士)

1982 富山県生まれ
2004 早稲田大学第一文学部演劇映像専修卒業
2006 慶應義塾大学政策・メディア研究科環境デザインプログラム修了(三宅理一研究室)
2007 ヘルシンキ工科大学(現・アールト大学)建築学部ウッドプログラム修了
2007-2010 インテンショナリーズ一級建築士事務所(意匠設計・デザイン)
2011-2014 設計事務所に在籍・一級建築士を取得
2014-2017 ストローグ一級建築士事務所(木質を中心とした構造設計)
2017.09 MASD一級建築士事務所設立
2018.04- 愛知産業大学造形学部建築学科非常勤講師
2019.04- 慶應義塾大学環境情報学部非常勤講師